The State Archives of Dubrovnik proved to be a treasure trove of information about the history of Dubrovnik’s Jews. But it is much more than that: its holdings contain a wealth of information on Jews from Venice to Istanbul. Their economic live and relations, juridical issues, migrations, culture and many ohter facets of their live and civilisation are hidden within the huge range of documents. The items are stored in one of the most valuable, but least researched archives of this part of Mediterranean, at least from the perspective of Jewish history. Thus it is not surprising, that before our initiative not much had been done concerning the Jews of Dubrovnik. Finding and documenting relevant data simply requires an enormous amount of time and skills for coping through hundreds of volumes in search of items related to Jewish history and civilisation.

On this pages you can find the results of two projects, which together covered a period of six years and involved a number of scientists, professional and technical assistants. Counting the vast contribution made by principal investigator and project leader dr. Vesna Miović, it is not exagerated to says, that the results mirror more than three decades of passionate, self-sacrifising work. The first one dealt with three criminal court fonds at the item level, while the aim of the second one was to survey the entire archival material from the mid-13th century to 1814 on the level of fonds, series, and subseries.

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