Jews in the Fonds of the State Archive in Dubrovnik

In 2019 Centre JAS launched a new project of indexing and cataloging fonds of the State Archive of Dubrovnik. We made an overview of the fonds (according to ISAD-G archival standard), providing basic information on their origin and content and what kind of data about (mostly) Sephardi Jews are to be anticipated. The project entitled Jews in the Fonds of the State Archives in Dubrovnik (13th Century – 1814) was completed at the end of 2021. Nevertheless, due to the extreme importance of the project outcome and a need to disseminate the content to the widest public, we are still continuing with promotion acctivities in 2022.

The research findings opened significant new research possibilities in the topic of Jewish studies. Some of the findings are of extreme importance also for general (historic) fields of study. The future research of the archives is thus facilitated to all interested researchers.